How Do I Take Care of my Clear Aligners?

How Do I Take Care of my Clear Aligners?

Posted by DESERT MOUNTAIN DENTAL on Apr 28 2022, 01:16 PM

Clear aligners are orthodontic appliances that are custom-crafted molds of your mouth. They are made of clear plastic and are invisible when you are wearing them. Because of this, it is the most preferred type of orthodontic treatment. But is important to impart good care to aligners to keep them in shape.

Listed below are tips that help to keep the aligners in shape. 

Take your aligners out when you eat

Invisalign aligners are removable devices. While eating food,  the patient should make sure that they remove the aligners. It helps to avoid the chances of staining them and keeps them clean. 

Clean your aligners

You should clean your aligners every time you take them out of your mouth. Remove your aligners, then rinse them with warm water. Use a soft toothbrush to brush away plaque and debris. Make sure to clean both the inside and outside of your aligners.

Brush and floss your teeth daily

Brushing and flossing are important addition to your daily oral hygiene routine. 

First, brush your teeth at least twice a day. And, replace your toothbrush every three to four months, or whenever the bristles start to look frayed.

Next, floss your teeth at least once each day. It helps to dislodge the food particles stuck in between the teeth.

Avoid staining foods and drinks

When you’re wearing clear aligners, you should avoid staining foods and beverages. This includes coffee, tea, wine, and berries. You should avoid smoking as well.

You should also remove your aligners before eating and drinking, and brush your teeth before you put your aligners back in.

It is vital to clean your aligners regularly, following the instructions that we give you. If you don’t, the aligners could stain, and you could end up with a film of plaque and bacteria. This could lead to bad breath and infections.

See your dentist for regular checkups

Your dentist will check your teeth and gums to make sure everything is healthy. They will also check that your clear aligner fits properly.

At regular checkups, your dentist will also check your tongue, cheeks, and gums for any signs of irritation.

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